1- 1 1/4 hours

Join us for a fun and uplifting adventure in Door County! Whether you’re a Christian or not, all are welcome to be a part of our worship experience featuring inspired teaching and joyful singing from different church leaders each week. All this while we soak up the beauty of Door County as we take a cruise through its stunning waters. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life (or vacation) and enjoy the peaceful surroundings while reflecting on His majesty and giving things for His creation. Come as you are, no need to dress up or be formal, and let’s spend this special time together in fellowship and fun!

Non-denominational worship service Most Sundays June -August
Book online – space is limited
The cruise will open for bookings about 2 weeks before departure


· Refreshments will be offered, but no money will be exchanged on this day.
· This cruise does not require your Sunday best clothing. Dress appropriately for outdoor weather. The upper level of the boat is exposed, while the lower level is covered.
· Rain and/or wind days will require the service to take place while parked at the dock. Rain forcing passengers from the upper level will make the lower level very crowded, possibly with standing room only.
· Please no pets on Sundays as the boat will be very busy.
· Alcoholic beverages are not sold but can be brought onboard. Please no glass bottles.