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Boat Rental Cancellation Policy & Tips

Sister Bay Boat Rental LLC & Fish Creek Boat Rentals Cancellation Policy & Tips (reviewed by instructor)


One persons perfect day on the water may be too hot for somebody else and too cold for the next person. As a rental company, last minute cancellations are very costly. At the same time, we understand that things come up and we don’t feel it is right for you to lose your entire rental fee if you have to reschedule.

Our Cancellation policy is simple and strict, but fair.

  • We DO NOT give refunds, rather we will gladly give you credit for use another time.
  • If you cancel with 48 hours or more notice you will receive a 100% gift certificate to use another time, on any type of rental.
  • No shows and cancellations within 48 hours of the event, for any reason, are subject to full reservation cost.
  • We do not allow cancellations for less than ideal weather. If the weather is bad due to high winds, lightning, rain, storms in the area, unsafe conditions we will call you to cancel or move your reservation. Cancellations made by our staff due to weather will receive a full refund.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any rental at any time due to extreme conditions deemed unsafe.



  1. To serve you quicker on the day of your event, please complete our Smart Waiver operator agreement ahead of time by following the link in your confirmation email. An agreement must be signed by each operator taking control of the watercraft during the rental. You must be 18 to sign.
  2. If parking isn’t immediate, drop off any OPERATORS in the drop-off zone in front of our business so they can check in and start the orientation while the rest of the party parks.
  3. Our convenient dock location is within walking distance of most businesses, restaurants, and hotels in the downtown area. Primary parking is offered in the lot labeled with a blue “P” icon on the Parking Map below. Make sure to take a look at it ahead of time to plan your attack on those busy summer days!
  4. Renters should  investigate renters insurance with their local insurance agent before coming on vacation.
  5. If born after January 1, 1989 boaters should take the boaters safety course which they can find by clicking here.



Operator Age Requirements

To operate our watercraft, on your own or as the sole operator, you must be atleast 18 years of age and sign all required paperwork prior to rental. Operators ages 16 and 17 may operate with a valid Boaters Safety Certificate and the accompaniment of parent or guardian. All operators born AFTER JANUARY 1, 1989 (younger than) are required to have a valid Boaters Safety Certificate to operate any watercraft in the state of Wisconsin. Anyone born BEFORE JANUARY 1, 1989 (older than) can operate our watercraft with a valid drivers license. It is illegal for any legal operator to allow under-aged or unlicensed individuals to operate any watercraft and is punishable by Wisconsin Law.

To obtain a Boaters Safety Certificate, visit the website below for a brief online course for a lifetime Boaters Safety Certificate.


We also offer a Temporary Boaters Safety Certificate test that can be taken at either of our rental offices. This license is issued through the WDNR and is restricted to the use of our rental equipment and only up until the end of the calendar year the test was submitted in. This 25 question test requires about 30 minutes of studying and 10 minutes to take. Please factor this into your arrival time if completing a reservation and taking a Temporary Boaters Certificate exam. A successful test will cost $10 CASH to submit to the WDNR. Only one test attempt can be taken each day. Please feel free to email us with any other questions.


Any damage done to the boat, motor, or equipment as a result of beaching, running aground, reckless operation, negligence, equipment loss, or violation of these rules is renter’s financial responsibility. It is also renter’s responsibility to check the boat and all equipment before leaving the dock, including the propeller. No grilling on boat. Attach kill switch lanyard to vessel operator.

Fuel Policy

Fuel is not included in the rental rate. Each watercraft will depart with full a tank and you are only charged for fuel used after the rental.

Mechanical Problem

If this boat does not operate correctly, return immediately to Sister Bay Boat Rental. If unable to return, please call 920-421-3330 for assistance.

Time Limits

Boat rental commences when renter leaves the dock after receiving driving instructions and ends when renter checks in with the office. Late charges for returning the boat after specified rental period will be enforced at hourly rental rates. There is no operating in darkness allowed anytime.

Law Enforcement

All United States Coast Guard rules and regulations are in affect and are the responsibility of the renter to understand and follow. All children under the age of 13 are required to wear a life jacket at all times.


No wake idle speed must be observed while:

  • Within the red and green navigation buoys inside the harbor
  • Inside all docks and break walls
  • Within 200 feet of shore
  • Within 200 feet of other boats

Water Sports

No water sports inside speed zones stated above. No doubles, one ski line per boat. Any boat towing water skier must be manned by a driver and 1 competent observer. Skier must wear a life preserver. Engine must be turned off while climbing in or out of boat.


Riding on gunwales (sides) or transom/swim platform of boat is prohibited.


The sound the engine makes if the prop is out of the water due to over trimming, sharp turns or rough water is prohibited. This includes jumping the wakes of fellow boaters. Engine damage due to cavitation or excessive full throttle will be the responsibility of the renter.


It is unlawful to operate a boat while under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other intoxicants.


Overloading the boats with more than the specified capacity is prohibited.


No glass allowed in boats. It is unlawful to throw in the water any cans, bottles, debris or refuse.


At the first sign of threatening weather return to the rental docks.


Any accident or injury shall be reported immediately to Sister Bay Boat Rental. 920-421-3330

Location & Parking Map